Neptal is a site that was created for my major project at Greenwich University. It was created to become a hub of content showcasing the creative talents of Nepalese people, primarily the youth growing up in the UK. It is a place where I hope people both young and old can come to seek inspiration and validity that success is attainable as a creative.

Now, unless you’re Nepalese or have a similar background, this all may seem a little unrelatable. The stigma of having a career in art or a creative career e.g. A musician, dancer, artist, fashion designer etc. already exists to a certain degree in modern society. However, this is amplified tenfold within the Nepalese community.

Many Nepalese people who have grown up in the UK were brought up in the household of the first generation of Nepalese people in the UK. Our parents, who worked so hard to craft a better life for their children by bringing us to the UK , do not wish to see us squander our chances by pursuing careers with such uncertain chances of success.

This is all understandable given what obstacles they have overcame for us. However, you should not give up your passion and love for something solely due to their wants for you to become a Doctor or an engineer. Having gone through this proccess myself, I know it can be very difficult to stand your ground or persuade them otherwise.

Few have been brave enough to do so in recent times, and there are more of the older generation accepting an artistic career path as a viable one. This has resulted in an increase of creatives in the Nepalese community, those of which I’d like to shed further light upon so others may hopefully be inspired.

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